Hong Kong

From a Turkish migrant family and born and raised in Paris, Yunus first got interested in DJing as he was inspired by Turkey's rich musical culture and as the French scene was blooming in the late 2000s. He is currently based in Asia as Totoro Typhoon’s sound director, Fauve Radio's art director and as a resident DJ and visual artist for various local clubs and sound systems. Yunus has a large experience playing in all ranges of venues - from the most confidential raves to the biggest festivals - sharing the deck with artists such as Robert Owens, Jayda G and Pablo Valentino. Tinted with a distinctive shiny sound, Yunus' DJ sets vary from technical mixes with balanced repetitions and variations inspired by selections from artists such as Boo Williams or Soichi Terada, to eclectic but fresh vibes found in balearic and ambiant curiosities, psych rock, experimental jazz and oriental drums digs from Anatolia.

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