He likes to match different things together and create something new out of it. For him it is just like a huge musical puzzle. In 2013, Thomas Zander joined Popcorn Records and started to work with Siler & Dima on tons of projects while sharing decks with Jacques Greene, Tom Trago, Daso, Kartell, Akufen…

After the release of his first E.P «Losing You» in April 2013, on Roche Musique it quickly reached the top with 400 000 clicks on Spotify and over 10 000 views for the official clip. He says « I can’t pretend to rejuvenate those grooves I like so much. I just wanna play with them ».

His second E.P« Purple People » included two remixes produced by S3A aka Sampling As An Art, and by Pablo Valentino’s side project : Creative Swing Alliance and was released on parisian label «Popcorn Records ».

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