La Mamie’s


6 buddies, 4 Dj’s, LOAAAADS of glitter, and a freaky need to party. Their musical selections smell this filthy groove, never mind the style ‘cause music has no boundaries!

La Mamie’s is a crew of Dj’s and event promoters launched in 2007 by 6 friends sharing the same passion for vinyl, and free- minded unabashed parties.

Bringing the young scene together, they started throwing a dozen events in a disused home in Montrouge (in the south suburbs of Paris), before playing several bars and clubs of the french capital, and nally setting up the Macki Music Festival with their buddies from Cracki Records.

To this day, members of La Mamie’s delivered more than 300 performances in solo or all together with constant trips through Europe and Asia.

CLOUCLOU is one of these unstoppable beasts who has taken part in building new pari- sian parties. Constantly looking for originality, he digs through the multiple styles and years to create his own atmosphere. Our night owl appreciates as much hard machine sounds as smooth diva voices. Depending on his mood, he’ll deliver deep house, techno, acid, or disco.

GREG is a dedicated collector of jamaican music and hip-hop since his early age, he loves showing off his old 7 inches and is always delivering a tight and high quality selection. Having more than one string to his bow, GREG enjoys cruising from house to techno and dub, sticking to one watchword: deepness ... His DJR 400 rotary is never far from him, in order to remain classy and efficient.

THEO, from his rst steps in clubs, he knew dance moves would drive him. Constantly looking for the real gem, THEO has gathered through the years a wide and rigorous selection. By digging deep in record shop crates, he unearths soul- ful sounds, from house to jazz, always keeping it groovy.

VITO, this young man has acquired a foolproof technic. Pursuing futu- ristic sounds, he cruises through soulful house and deep techno to deliver a hypnotic groove. VITO won’t hesitate to grab the mic to awake the crowd. Party for leitmotiv, he’ll always nd the sound to move a dance oor.

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