David Teng

David Teng
Hong Kong & Asia

Teng has been playing music across a multitude of dance scenes originating in Australia across to Singapore and Hong Kong where he is based. As former resident DJ behind the eclectic Art Bar (The Butter Factory), Teng has pushed many genres, ranging from disco to house and techno.

Teng’s ascent into the pantheon of top tier DJs began in the underground rave scene of 1990’s Sydney. He has been drawing influences from far and wide ever since, delving into disco, funk, breaks, house and techno - digesting these diverse sounds and pushing them back to dance floors with his signature mixing style. Continually searching for the next sound to progress his style, Teng still scours genres from around the world, adding the best of the best to his leviathan repertoire.

Once Teng started delving into the art of mixing, his reputation shot through Sydney. Embraced by both club owners and punters alike for his uncanny ability to connect with crowds, Teng played parties in the city’s most popular clubs, eventually earning himself residencies at influential club nights Plastic and Sublime.

It’s not just Teng’s eclectic ear that has generated adulation either; his obsessively honed turntable skills saw him winning a litany of awards from the scratch competitions he took part in. A true craftsman, Teng was being handpicked to spin at Australia’s biggest dance festivals, including the iconic Transmission and Utopia parties.

Even after conquering the Sydney scene, Teng refuses to break from his relentless quest for perfection. He migrated to Singapore and continued on his musical quest that had kept Butter Factory’s dance floors both packed and held in the highest regard by the nation’s press.

Teng held weekly residencies all across Singapore from the two Overeasy bars, The Powder Room and the famous Tanjong Beach Club on Sunday afternoons.

He also ran a quarterly party series called Bashup with fashion designers Mashup and ex Butter Factory owner Bobby Luo. This party series is renown for its house party and urban vibe. David plays a 6 hour

set of old and new hiphop through to disco and funk. Each night has a different dress up theme so you can be sure you're in for a wild one.

He has played one off events at The W hotel, Eyes to the Fronts Sofitel pool parties, Lucha Loco, Full Steam Ahead festival and many of the Sunshine Nation’s Yacht/club events.

On the club tip he has played Velvet Underground (Zouk Singapore), Canvas, Bang Bang, Cato, Empire, Cloud, Monarchy, F Club and Refuge.

Now based in vibrant Hong Kong he is part of the Fufu alliance. From Oma, Social Room and the Shi Fu Miz Festival through to The W Hotel, Armani Prive, Tartine, The Optimist, Seafood Room, Disco Bao, Behind and Studio where he continues to push new and exciting sounds.

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