The Paris-based duo CB made their debuts as a local collective in the mid 2010’s, and brought a fresh air to the alternative scene of many French and European festivals.

Starting as an underground nomad stage loaded with tons of vinyls, respectively French and Italian born Romain Play and Benedetta, made 10 hours long dj sets and edgy scenography, creating a peculiar proximity with their audience.

With the passing of time the collective project turned into a duo of djs, producers, party curators, label managers, Rinse residents and now performing their live show.

In the past few years they did a Boiler Room, had a residency at Rex Club, Station, Cabaret Sauvage, Sucre (with environmental dimension), did many tours across great clubs & festivals with their hybrid drums dj set , gave birth to Jaki Records & released 3 EPs.

Since FEB 2023, their live A/V tour has kicked off. « Alteration » is an ode to Nature, that needs to be rediscovered in altered states of consciousness thanks to psychedelics. It’s a cross between hope and a wake-up call, between rock, house, techno and punk.

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